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Mango Bikes achieve a 2337% ROI from a lifecycle email campaign

Objective Boost sales by encouraging customers who had purchased a bike in the previous year to upgrade components or buy accessories

Agency: Infinity Nation
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Brand: Established summer 2012, Mango Bikes couldn’t have launched at a better time for cycling. Founded by Ben and Jezz, two housemates at University, with a goal to design, manufacture and sell high quality, simple and stylish bikes at unbeatable value.

Quick Wins

We’ve heard time and time again that it’s easier to market to your current customers than to acquire new ones. But in order to succeed at that, your messages have to be very targeted and relevant.

Infinity Nation applied that principle to Mango Bikes, a quirky and fun cycling retailer, and using email automation, the campaign achieved a 2337% ROI!

The Challenge

The main challenge is that the bike buying cycle is very long. In order to boost sales, Mango Bikes needed to focus on encouraging customers to make repeat purchases by focusing on accessories and upgrades.

Part of the appeal of Mango Bikes is their quirky brand personality and love of beautifully-designed bikes. All they had to do was reignite the same passion in the mind of their customers.

The Solution

To help them with their challenge, Infinity Nation suggested to Mango Bikes to target customers who had bought a bike the year before. They set up a recurring campaign in MessageFocus celebrating the ‘birthday’ of a bike, by filtering their customer data by purchase date.

The copy in the email encouraged customers to celebrate the anniversary of their purchase by treating their Mango Bikes bike to accessories, or upgraded components.

The message was transmitted through a short email, with a bold and visually-appealing design, and a clear call-to-action.

The Result

The highly targeted nature of the email, strategic timing, and clear message made this email a success. The subject line ‘Your Mango is 1 year old! Say Happy Birthday with 10% off’ attracted a fantastic 56% open-rate.

Compared to other non-segmented emails, this campaign achieved three times better engagement with a 22% click-to-open rate.

But the email strategy proposed by Infinity Nation didn’t just generate clicks to the website, it helped Mango Bikes boost their sales. In fact, the brand achieved a whopping 2337% return on investment from the campaign.

2337% ROI

56% open rate

Could email automation help you boost sales?

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